About Me

Hello! Welcome to the Green Aura Boutique. 

My name is Grace. I am the sole proprietor and employee of my queer and woman owned business, based near Chicago, IL. I identify as a practicing witch, diviner and spellcaster. My studies as an eclectic solitary witch have been developing for about eight years. I love being an artist who incorporates the metaphysical into art. I suffer from endless inspiration syndrome, so whatever I feel like making or learning how to make is what can be found in my shop. 

I've founded the Green Aura Boutique for many reasons. The global witch/practitioner community is a small one, however it is my goal to reach out to the people who make up this amazing lifestyle through my art and handmade crafts. Human spiritual exploration is a path I want to help exhume by providing the tools and inspiration it needs to thrive. I believe that like life, magic is meant to be raw and expressive. Due to this I've had a hard time finding art and metaphysical supplies that resonate with me and my craft and the craft of many others. Shortly after I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the metaphysical community. I wanted to create products I was searching for everywhere but could never find. The result of the skills I've developed learning to do so is something I wish to share with the world.

My practice branches into various unique and forgotten practices of the past and present. Divination is one that has called to me since I was very young. To book a reading with me, please defer to my Facebook or Etsy page, where you can receive in depth, honest and insightful readings with the least amount of complications.