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Green Aura Boutique

Forest Fairy Ear Wrap Dangle Earrings

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These handmade ear cuffs are one of a kind and inspired by a fairy infested forest. They are nickel and aluminum free and have a lightweight feel. They fit most ear shapes and sizes and can be worn all day securely but comfortably. All the pendants used to create this set are upcycled to prevent landfill contribution. This set is the perfect accessory to dress up a cute cottage core outfit! The drop down length is about 2 inches from the earlobe and about 1 inch wide. Some shifting and tangling during shipping can be expected, when first unboxing just give them a gentle shake and they will detangle themselves.
Care info:
The best way to avoid tarnishing of your jewelry is to wear them!
Handle with care as to not break the glass component of the cuffs
Clear ear site before placing and be careful around piercings
If the wearer has long hair, these cuffs do best with a tied up hairstyle
Store in a cloth bag to protect set from scratches