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Green Aura Boutique

Lemongrass Braid for Smoke Cleansing

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These handmade, homegrown lemongrass braids are from the summer 2023 harvest. Grown without pesticides, hormones or additives they are the healthiest braids you can use. They have a beautiful lemony scent when burned and last a long time, as lemongrass is naturally slow burning. When straightened they are approximately 22 inches in length. Burn over a fireproof dish with a lighter or match and allow the natural, clean smelling smoke to cleanse your sacred space.
This product is not intended to be used for the sacred practice of smudging. Contrary to popular knowledge, smudging is a 'closed' practice partial to Native American culture. Those not of Native descent should not practice smudging as it deeply sacred and specifically for native spiritual practice. Smudging is not an interchangeable term for smoke cleansing. Smudging is a separate practice from the Neo European spiritual practice of smoke cleansing. Please respect the heavily policed and colonized existence of Native American traditions by being 'smoke cleansing' centered in your lifestyle or practice.


Each herb bundle sold at the Green Aura Boutique are hand grown and handmade from organic, pesticide free plants. Due to this, there may be a slight variation or imperfections among individual bundles. The thickness, length and quantity of plant matter is an example. These variations are typical for any handmade product, so you may expect small differences that will make your received item unique and 100% one of a kind. If sensitivity or allergic reaction occurs during or after burning, stop use immediately.
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