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Green Aura Boutique

Love Attraction Spell Candles

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Including beeswax, rose petals, lavender buds, cherry bark and mugwort, these candles are intentionally made to invite any sense of love to those that burn them, from romantic and passionate, to gentle and self loving. Light the candle as a simple love spell. These candles are poured and imbued with the intention to bring love to the recipient. Their potent magic invokes a strong flame, so be sure to burn on a fireproof dish for best results and fast cleanup. These candles are scented with anise oil and "shiny girl fragrance', to make a fused, sugar-spice scent. Containing a hemp wick, these candles have a burn time of approximately 30 minutes. Contact me for any questions you may have. Listing is for 1 set of 2 candles, one small and one large.