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Sage and Juniper Incense Cones

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These handmade, organic incense cones are made with homegrown and ethically harvested herbs. They are without any pesticides or growth hormones. Despite their imperfect aesthetic, their scent is to die for, resembling a deep moss forest bonfire. They have about a 10 minute burn time on average. These cones are made with only 3 ingredients: Herbs, water and honey. Most commercial options for incense cones contain tons of unnecessary chemicals, synthetic fragrance oils and additives that release toxicity into your space's air. When burning these incense cones, you get a clean, fresh burn, smelling like the herbs they're made up of and that's it! Their authenticity lies in quality, the quality you only get from handmade cleansing items. Use in your home to purify and cleanse the air and energy. They make a great addition to yoga meditation or as a candle alternative! You will especially notice how amazing they smell each time you re-enter the room it burns in. This listing is for a pack of 20 individual cones.